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   We have been a small family owned and operated business since we started hosting weddings in 1996 at our family estate.  Our rolling terraces, spring waterfalls, large pond, waterwheel, gardens and mature trees create the perfect intimate setting for any nature-loving couple or group for weddings and events of any kind!  We feel so fortunate to be able to share our outdoor home with others and helping you plan your perfect wedding or event is exactly what we are here for.    As an outdoor venue we do book seasonally May through October, and are not available November through April.  Therefore, our short 6 month season does book quickly!  Don't hesitate to call for date availability.

  In 2014 we built a brand new covered pavilion!  This 1,000 square foot space is nestled in the cool shade near our natural spring waterfalls.  Don't let the threat of rain worry you on your wedding day... a large tent can be rented for your reception and enjoy our pavilion for your ceremony.  Or if you're planning a smaller event the pavilion may be the perfect spot for your reception, party, shower or reunion.

For more photos find us on facebook! We upload new photos and albums weekly on our facebook page www.facebook.com/enchantedhills

   Call Athena (owner & manager) with any questions or to schedule a tour! (417) 425-7948 or email her at Info@EnchantedHillsWeddings.com

Owner, Manager & Venue Coordinator, Athena is here to help plan your perfect event at Enchanted Hills!

Owner, Manager & Venue Coordinator, Athena is here to help plan your perfect event at Enchanted Hills!


The eclectic history of Enchanted Hills is what draws many people further in after seeing our one-of-a-kind estate. We have 15.6 acres, a natural spring that averages over 3 million gallons per day creating stunning waterfalls, and countless stories to share! The land was a mill in the late 1800’s, but long before that we know it was a haven for Native Americans, as dozens of arrowheads & other Native American stone pieces have been found here over the years. Surely, the gushing, natural spring is what attracted our native ancestors. In the mid 1930’s the majestic home, influenced by Spanish architecture, was built by Mr. Elijah Bates, attorney of Springfield. Much of the major landscaping, rock walls, terraces, our original “Enchanted Hills” sign etc. were added in those early years of the Manor, as we call the home. In 1945 my nature-loving great grandparents, Pearl & Herman Hoffmeister fell in love with the land & water, and without even seeing the inside of the house they decided to purchase Enchanted Hills. They found many interesting ways to create income here, such as growing aquatic plants & raising trout. My father, Steffan Moulder, would come out for weeks each Summer from California with his sister Lesda to visit them, and he developed a very deep love for his grandparent’s “paradise.” Although Granddad Herman passed in the 1980’s, Grandma Pearl lived to be 94 years old when she passed in 1994, leaving the estate to her grandson, my father, Steffan. We had lived in a very modest home in California until then, I was 8 and my brother Niles was 6, so moving to “Enchanted Hills” was truly a magical experience for us! For my parents, it was a dream laced with the questions of “How do we keep up with such a large, stunning estate??” So, in 1996 my mother, Laura, had the brilliant idea to begin hosting weddings! At that time, when outdoor weddings were barely considered acceptable, we were the first outdoor venue in the Springfield area. Since I was 10 years old I’ve had a hand in hosting weddings here, with the simpler tasks of pouring punch, serving cake, moving chairs and greeting guests as they arrived at our home for a wedding. By 2009 we had hosted a couple hundred weddings and I decided to take the family business on myself. I was one semester away from graduating from MSU with my degree in Communication, which I did receive, but didn’t know what I wanted to do…. So why not bring Enchanted Hills Weddings back into the spotlight?!! Since then I have worked with my dad, Steffan, who still owns & lives on the property, to create a truly special experience for every couple who steps foot here. We have added countless new features, while maintaining the original charm. It is absolutely my pleasure to welcome you to Enchanted Hills!

-Athena Gideon, owner/manager/venue coordinator

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