Frequently Asked Questions:

“What if it Rains?”

No doubt, over the years we have faced our fair share of wild Missouri weather… It’s unpredictable to say the least! That is one reason we built our 1,000 square foot covered pavilion. It is available for a ceremony up to about 145 people, and the ceremony chairs can be moved from the original location just before the ceremony if needed. We also recommend ranting a large, white wedding tent for ceremony or reception. While we do not have any enclosed buildings for your ceremony or reception, the tent and pavilion offer coverage without blocking the beauty of the outdoors. *We cannot offer any refunds due to poor weather on your wedding day.

“Do you allow alcohol?”

Yes, we do! Beer, wine and hard liquor are all allowed, although we do have rules & a minimal liability/cleanup fee. Depending on what will be served you may be required to hire a licensed and insured bartender service to provide and serve (We recommend Shaker’s Bartending), but not all events will be required to hire a bartender. Please call Athena for details on alcohol liability, requirements and details.

“Do you have a kitchen?”

No, we do not have a kitchen available for events. Most events here hire an outside catering service to bring in food and set up a buffet. Most catering services are able to offer plated meals as well, even without a kitchen on site. Upon booking we will share a list of Recommended Vendors, including caterers. Please make sure your caterer is aware that we do not have a kitchen or access to drinking water. We recommend arranging your cake delivery to be as close to the reception time as possible, especially during Summer months. In some instances, we can keep the cake in our air conditioned space.

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